About Us

About Rhaasoft

We are
Established in 2009, we are growing quickly as a consulting and technology providers offering some high quality outsourcing solutions that include cloud computing, big data, mobility and sustainability solutions. We move ahead with an operational leadership and well laid strategies considering our client priorities as a major prerequisite.

Our working difference
We differ from other industry competitors with our commitment and responsibility towards our work. We do offer quality service, which is crucial in our breakthrough solutions. We recognize the importance of maintaining honest client relationships and behave ethically in our interactions. This value of us can be attributed to the huge outsourcing business we receive from few giants in the industry.

We try to make and bring in some difference by our strategic vision, mission and values upon which we stand. 

Our Story - To our Success

It all started when
Two acquaintances, Bharat Sharma and Raj Prajapati, who ally with each other via a common friend, became the bricks behind building the RhaaSoft, which was established in 2009.

Enormous growth
This brain child of two individuals, who remained as acquaintances for 7 long years, is a master in dealing with huge clients and in providing some honest services, right from its start.

In a short span of time, Rhaasoft grew so deep, such that it went along with some exclusive government projects. It also enjoyed the enthusiastic work in providing righteous services along with a major automobile company.

Today, the company offers some genuine and high quality services to all the clients and is trying its best to grow huge among its competitors.

Our Company - Rhaasoft

Right place for multifarious services!!!
Rhaasoft is believed to be one among the world class partners focused on building tomorrow’s enterprise in a creative and an innovative means. This is because of the presence of some honest and skillful professionals. This can also be attributed to the cool and convenient work culture that exists in the company.

Get more than you need
At Rhaasoft, one can expect and receive some definitely high class cost effective services and of course a long term relationship, worth every penny. And this is because of the team of skilled professionals smartly focused even on the minutest requisite of client to deliver out-of-the-square solutions. Huge clientele of the company can be attributed to this aspect.

The “RhaaSoft” Mantra to Succeed

Our Mission
We look for perfection among perfectionists, therefore our mission is to provide righteous and the top class services to our clients, with perfection as a prime factor.

Our Vision
We at Rhaasoft, look forward to grow huge and prosper by expanding our ability to offer some genuine and fruitful services.

Our Values
A RhaaSoft, we believe “two heads are better than one” thus we value creativity and ideas of our every professional providing outstanding solution(s) to our clients.

Besides, as we cannot afford to lose our “bread and butter” we also value our each client (Wink) On serious note, we value our clients the most that is why, we offer high degree of perfection, punctuality and professionalism which let them stand out of the same old hodgepodge making them unique among the similar heads in the industry.